Meet Our Ambassadors: Doug and Marcella Powell

Powell2Leading a purposeful life.

Before Reliv, Marcella Powell of Dallas, Texas, spent a significant amount of her time volunteering for organizations that benefited children. But her energy was zapped even though she was exercising and taking supplements.

A friend told her about Reliv products and soon she was going at full throttle again. Her focus on helping others, however, was redirected through Reliv. Nearly five years later, Marcella and her husband, Doug, are Presidential Silver Ambassadors and part of the Reliv Inner Circle.
“Becoming part of the Inner Circle reflects a lot of lives being changed, through both health and finances,” Marcella says.

A Bumpy Start
But the road to the Inner Circle started off rather bumpy. For the first couple years of her Reliv business, Marcella just retailed the products. Then she attended a Reliv International Conference that changed her course. “When I attended the conference, I understood the power of the business,” she says. “I saw the integrity of the leadership and heard the stories that validated what I was doing. With the products, I could only help so many people. With the business, I could help so many more.”

Marcella’s determination and willingness to learn made up for missteps along the way. Despite getting off to a rocky start, Marcella earned $20,000 her first year in Reliv working just 20 hours a week. The following year, she doubled her income. She feels she really started doing the business correctly just three years ago and now earns about $7,000 per month working 25 hours a week.

Never Stop
After getting on track, Marcella was unstoppable. “I knew I’d stick with it when I realized what I was doing mattered — so I couldn’t stop,” she explains. “Reliv gave me a purpose. This was where I was supposed to be. And I was told to never stop doing Reliv. That got me through the rough times. Now I tell everyone else to never stop doing Reliv. If you stop, it will be the biggest mistake you will ever make for yourself and your family. If you keep it simple and focused and embrace the Reliv Success System, it will happen.”

Accessibility Is Key
Marcella continues to work her Reliv business every day and serve as a very accessible upline. “I don’t care if someone is in my 10th level, I’m there for them,” she says. “I tell people they can’t call me too early, too late or too often. The business is key to reaching lives. People need the security of the business and the security of hope. It’s priceless to hear people say because of Reliv, they’ve become the person they never thought they could be. I love sharing hope with Reliv because so many people have forgotten how to dream.”

Currently, Doug is Marcella’s “Ambassador Assistant,” Marcella jokes. But, he plans to retire from corporate America and work with Marcella on Reliv more closely. “It will make doing Reliv even more exciting and we’ll be able to do twice as much,” Marcella says. “I’m also looking forward to doing more for missions and supporting children’s organizations.”

While the Powells are achieving many of their dreams, they have their eyes fixed on their next goal: to become Platinum Ambassadors. “That will mean even more lives are changed through Reliv,” Marcella says.

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