Meet Our Ambassadors: Daan and Jeanette Vanderwal

VanderwalA journey to success.

Daan and Jeanette Vanderwal may be the first Canadians to hold the title of Inner Circle member, but they credit the exceptional leaders in their organization for their advancement to Silver Ambassador level. For the Vanderwals, success has truly come on an international scale, with downlines spanning from Canada and the USA to the Philippines, Mexico. UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Daan was used to, and enjoyed, working in an international environment. However, Daan says, “I really had to step out of my comfort zone when making the decision to travel to the Philippines and Malaysia, and work the cold market when it opened up for Reliv business. But that decision ultimately boosted our business.”

Opportune Moments Are Everywhere
Every day Daan and Jeanette share the Reliv opportunity and they love to take advantage of opportune moments. They believe that opportune moments present themselves constantly and often unexpectedly. As a result, the couple looks at their Reliv success as a journey, which leads them to rewarding milestones.

“We have touched peoples’ lives and our lives have been equally enriched in return,” Jeanette adds. “It is just amazing how much comes back to you. On our journey, we continue to do the basics every day, and we continue to reach milestones along the way.”

“This business is about building and keeping relationships,” Daan states. “It’s vital to keep reaching out to people, and to have the patience to give relationships time to grow.”

Simplicity Succeeds
Those are important lessons that didn’t come easy in the beginning. After working 22 years in a corporate job where he was responsible for managing complicated capital projects, “It was difficult for me to let go of old habits and learn to make things simple,” Daan says. “But keeping it simple takes an enormous load off the shoulders of the Distributor. The products are simple to use and fill a great need, and everyone likes to earn extra income. Reliv offers that opportunity, no matter where in the Reliv world you go.”

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