Meet Our Ambassadors: Benjamin Hah and Minnie Wong

Dare to dream.

“If you want to live your dreams, stay focused and never give up!” say Silver Ambassadors Benjamin Hah & Minnie Wong from Melbourne, Victoria.

“For the past two years, Minnie and I have been working to build a solid future together,” says Ben. “When I met Minnie she was not a well person and it was wonderful to see how much Reliv nutrition improved her life. Although we started with me sponsoring Minnie, it soon became clear we shared more than a passion for Reliv. We consolidated our businesses earlier this year and now spend our time divided between Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines.”

“We have so much fun working with our downlines,” says Minnie. “The lead-up to becoming Silver Ambassadors was exhilarating. We were very busy but having a ball at the same time. It is so rewarding, not only to reach your own goals but to see your team reaching their goals and new levels, too. Good communication is the key, it keeps everyone focused on what needs to done. We are constantly on the phone using 3-way calls and working towards a common goal.”

Several years ago, Ben made the decision to give up his successful accounting career to follow his dreams with Reliv. “I jumped in, boots and all! I threw in my job as a financial controller. It was then a case of sink or swim,” says Ben.

“At that time I didn’t realise how positively Reliv would impact my life. Minnie and I love working together as a team. With Reliv we have something very special that we’re proud to share with others – unlimited potential for greater health and wealth.”

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