Hall of Fame: Aurora and Raul Paredes

 The Lifestyle they’ve Always WantedRaul and Aurora Paredes

The Reliv Hall of Fame is filled with everyday people who  chose to make their dreams a reality. Double Platinum  Ambassadors and Reliv Hall of Famers Raul and Aurora  Paredes started living the lifestyle they always wanted in  1993.

After 22 years of being Distributors, Raul and Aurora have  such a great love and appreciation for Reliv. “Being able to  make a difference in peoples’ lives and seeing them have joy  and hope with their health and finances is the most rewarding part of being a Distributor” says Aurora. Another rewarding aspect – being part of the Kalogris Foundation. “We are from the Philippines where education and good health are not as prominent. We take pride in being part of the Kalogris foundation and being able to give our time and money to help the less fortunate.”

Beyond Financial Freedom

“You can’t put a price tag on better health and a better lifestyle” says Aurora. Raul and Aurora’s Reliv business affects their lives in more ways than just their health and finances. “Friendships in Reliv last a lifetime. We have brought so many people on board with our business, including family and friends, and we have built strong, lasting relationships with all of these people.”

“We have been fortunate enough to work hard and bring home a 6-figure income for the past 15 years. Along with this, we have received many bonuses, including a $35,000 mega bonus, and have been able to enjoy multiple Reliv trips as a reward for doing what we love” says Aurora. She adds, “We are humbled in giving people hope in whatever their needs are in life. Reliv is the answer. We are the instrument of hope.”

At 77 and 70, Raul and Aurora feel much better than their peers and are blessed with better health and finances. Reliv allowed Raul to take early retirement and be at home with his wife and children. With Reliv, I am able to be a real dad to my children and a real husband” Raul says.

Advice to New Distributors

“Never get tired of talking to new people about Reliv. Continuously share the hope of Reliv. Know what you have in Reliv – this unique life changing product and a management team you can trust. When you get to know this, you get to reach out and let others know the genuine answer.”

“Take advantage of all the tools Reliv has given to the Distributors to make this business simple – Monday Night Calls, personal websites, Lifestyle magazine, webinars, podcasts – the list goes on and on. Take advantage of all the helping tools – it is up to you to do this and move your business forward.”

“Be somebody you can trust – the relationships you build should be built on trust because these relationships last a lifetime.”



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