Hall of Fame: Trish and Doug Fischer


Free to live the life of their dreams.

Trish and Doug Fischer of Colorado Springs, Colorado, were looking to make a change when they discovered Reliv nineteen years ago.

“Although we didn’t know exactly what it was, there was something very important missing from our life,” Trish states. “But it wasn’t long after I started building my Reliv business that we recognized what we’d been missing out on all those years was freedom — freedom of time, freedom for our family, and freedom from financial worry.”

Laying the Foundation

At the time the Fischers were introduced to Reliv, Trish had long since retired from her nursing career and was home with their seven children (the couple has since had another child), while Doug was spending half of every week on the road with his corporate sales job. On the same day she committed to putting her family on the Reliv products, Trish decided to join the business as a Master Affiliate.

“My upline reviewed the Reliv compensation plan with me and showed me all the business-building benefits of joining at the highest profit level,” Trish explains. “That’s when I caught the vision that Reliv could be our way to bring Doug home.

“Just two months into my Reliv business, Doug walked away from his job to work part-time from home and oversee the household,” Trish continues. “Four years later, I’d replaced Doug’s corporate income. That same year, I became a Reliv Ambassador, and my monthly income increased from $5,000 to $10,000 per month. I like the fact that we can make our own choices in life and not be subject to jobs and bosses.”

Reaping the Rewards

Today, Trish is a Presidential Gold Ambassador and a member of both the Inner Circle and the exclusive President’s Team, which honors the Top 15 Ambassadors with the highest annual Reliv income. Trish earns an average of $20,000 per month with Reliv, and her list of trip awards includes separate vacations to Rome and London, three trips to the Caribbean and four Reliv Leadership Celebrations, including a trip to Banff, Canada.

“I never did my business to earn the trips — but, because I did the business, I earned the trips,” Trish says. “Traveling with Reliv, we’ve built awesome relationships with other Reliv Distributors, who are like family to us. The quality of people the Reliv business attracts is second to none. The friendships I have in Reliv are solid and lifelong.”

“An even bigger reward, though, has been the tremendous sense of purpose I’ve received over the past 19 years from seeing the fruits of my efforts working in the lives of others,” she adds.

Nine years ago Trish came in first place in a year long, worldwide, Superbonus that earned her a $100,000 check. “We are within shooting range of totally paying off our million dollar house by the end of this school year, without any college debt for our eight children.”

Make the Connection

To those looking to achieve their own rewards and dreams with Reliv, Trish offers this advice:

“Patiently stay the course. Learn well from your active upline, put in the time, celebrate people, and understand that investing in others is a process. Your best news is always around the next corner! Look for people who are teachable, willing to work hard and care about others. Do something to forward your business every day!”

“Most important, never stop talking to people,” Trish adds. “Our job at Reliv is to be people connectors… so use every part of the Reliv System to show others the big picture and let them hear the stories that will get them excited about the future vision of Reliv.”

As for the future vision of the Fischer family, Trish and Doug look forward to continuing to live a lifestyle of family freedom — one that they once could only dream about.

“Thanks to Reliv, we’ve gone from daddy being gone half the week to having him home every day,” Trish states. “And it’s so exciting to know that, by passing on the gift of Reliv to others, we can help countless people gain freedom in their own lives!”



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