Hall of Fame: Tom and Valarie Moody

TomValMoody(1)Success is all in the family.

In 1988, Tom Moody of Chicago helped raise start-up capital for the launch of Reliv International. Impressed with his achievement, Reliv president Bob Montgomery asked Tom if he’d like to be the company’s first Distributor. “I was a financial guy,” Tom says. “I had no interest in network marketing.”

But he knew Reliv had a solid product and agreed to become a member of the board of directors. A year later, after watching the rapid growth of the company, Tom decided network marketing might be a good idea after all.

“I kept hearing these stories about the amazing results people were getting on the products. And, I could see for myself the size of the checks we were sending Distributors. I realized that, unless all these people were lying, Reliv was going to sweep through Chicago with or without me.” Tom quit his job and started working Reliv full-time.

It took six months of struggling through false starts and failed strategies before Tom decided to try Reliv’s time proven system of weekly meetings, conference calls and trainings. His business took off and within months he was well on his way to creating one of Reliv’s most legendary organizations. His frontline includes Silver Ambassadors Jim and Marge Rodgers and Shawn Bergeron, as well as a host of family and friends, all enjoying health and wealth together. And recently, Tom became even wealthier. He met and married his wife, Valarie, another successful Reliv Distributor. Now they work the business together. Reliv truly does offer family freedom.

“This is the most natural thing in the world. Every day, we talk to the people we care about and tell them about a product and a company that will change their lives. How often does a real opportunity like this come along?”

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