Hall of Fame: Pat and Jane Rodgers

J_P_RodgersOrdinary couple achieves extraordinary lifestyle.

Before discovering Reliv, Silver Ambassadors Pat and Jane Rodgers of Chicago, IL never understood the true concept of residual income.

“For 22 years I earned straight commission and did okay financially, but each month I had to start over,” recalls Pat. “With Reliv, what you do today will continue to work for you for the rest of your life – and beyond!”

Pat and Jane are laying the groundwork for their future and that of their children, who’ll inherit their business when they retire. What’s more, they’re earning an annual income of close to $500,000.

The couple points out that Reliv has given them much more than unlimited financial opportunity. “Through Reliv, we’ve traveled the world and made lifelong friends,” Jane says. “Best of all, Reliv has given us time – for vacations, friends and, most importantly, our family.”

The couple says they never pre-judge anyone, and have been surprised by some of the people who’ve built “long legs” for them. They make it a practice to “run with the runners and walk with the walkers” of their organization.

“Reliv has unparalleled integrity, an outstanding marketing plan, and products that are changing people’s lives,” Jane says. “Reliv lets ordinary people do extraordinary things!”

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