Hall of Fame: Joe and Carol Felger

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Helping others achieve their dreams.

“You can’t put a price tag on helping other people achieve their dreams,” says Joe Felger, of Naperville, Illinois.


That is exactly what he and his wife, Carol, have been doing with Reliv since they started with the company nearly 11 years ago. In the process, they have built a phenomenal business together, traveled all over the world and become champions of Reliv with unwavering commitment.

For Joe and Carol, watching people discover the Reliv vision and take off is the best part. “We believe in this with our heart and soul,” Carol says. “It’s a great way to live.”

Joe and Carol have achieved another milestone with Reliv, reaching Four-time Platinum Ambassadors by simply helping others in their quest for success. Over the years, they have seen Reliv develop into a company that is well on its way to becoming a billion-dollar company, a company that’s inviting people to come along for the opportunity of a lifetime.

“People are settling in to the fact that this is a simple business,” Joe says. “We’ve learned that we don’t need new ideas. We’ve simply gotten people to understand the Reliv Success System and showed them that it works. This is all about being able to show people the weight of the evidence.”

The Felgers, who can still remember the days before Reliv when they both worked long hours and rarely spent time together, take a great deal of satisfaction in helping others make the significant shift to a better life with Reliv.

Says Carol, “People want more time with family and friends. They want to be healthier. They want to be out of debt. Reliv has those bases covered.”

Adds Joe, “You have to realize that this is about other people. It’s not about you. Once you understand that, you’ll make it if you want to.”

4 thoughts on “Hall of Fame: Joe and Carol Felger

  1. Joe & Carol Felger are authentic in their mission of helping others. They are genuine and kind, honorable, compassionate and caring people. These days, it is a treasure to have people like Joe and Carol in your life, for all the right reasons. I am grateful ~ they make our world a better place. I am proud to call them my friends and honored to be part of their lives through Reliv.
    Peace and Good Health,
    Nanci M. Launius

  2. The 23 years or more that Joe and Carol have served people, Reliv and God have resulted in changed lifes and destinies; that’s what I called the Reliv difference, Changed Lifes and Destinies.
    Thanks and Congratulations to Joe and Carol, and God’s speed!

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