Hall of Fame: Jim and Sandy Schaben

Schaben, Jim and SandyFinding purpose.

Presidential Double Platinum Ambassadors  Jim and Sandy Schaben of Columbus, Nebraska, weren’t looking for a financial windfall when they found Reliv — they had a successful equipment distribution business. But after experiencing tremendous health results, the Schabens felt that they had no choice but to share Reliv.

Their journey over the past two years has been eye-opening, as they have led hundreds of people to better health and an escape from the rat race and financial woes. In the process, they now have a worry-free lifestyle earning more than $20,000 monthly.

“What Reliv offers is a career with a purpose,” Jim says. “You can make a difference in other’s lives by focusing on their needs and helping them achieve their dreams. The more people you help advance in this business, the more successful you become.”

The fast track to Reliv success, the Schabens say, is a simple cycle — let others teach you the business, learn to teach others and then repeat the process again and again. Combined with a strong work ethic and a genuine concern for others, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with Reliv.

“Don’t recreate the wheel,” Jim advises. “The Reliv Success System works — it’s how every successful Reliv Distributor has built his or her business.”

Sandy also cautions new Distributors not to forget that sponsoring is about responsibility. “Once you bring people into the business, you’re responsible for teaching them all that you know, and being available and committed to their success.”

She adds, “We want to help other people have the kind of life that we have with Reliv. Jim and I have a freedom today that we didn’t have in our other business. But best of all, we have a sense of peace and purpose in our lives that we never thought possible.”

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