Hall of Fame: Jim and Marge Rodgers

RodgersRaise your concepts.

When Jim Rodgers decided to start a Reliv business in 1990, his wife, Marge, tried to talk him out of it. Her doubts were soon dispelled as they experienced success and realized what the business could do for them. Today, the Rodgers of Rolling Meadows, IL, are Gold Ambassadors.

“Our initial goal was to earn $1,000 a month to put aside for retirement and help pay for our two daughters’ college,” Jim says. Shortly after getting involved with Reliv, we began to understand the power of multiplication and really raised our concepts of where this business could take us. It was the business that attracted me to Reliv, but as I heard the health results from our unique products, I was hooked. We decided Reliv was our future and our ticket out of the rat race. We also realized that when you build this business, Reliv will pay you for the rest of your life.”

Jim owned a material handling business and was working Reliv part-time his first two years. But even part-time, he earned $54,000 for the first year and $76,000 the second year. That’s when he decided to go full-time. By May 1994, Marge quit her job in public relations to join Jim full-time with Reliv. “What we did to get to where we are today is to duplicate our upline. When you sponsor people, you focus on what they want with Reliv. We keep our business simple. We talk to a lot of people and we plug them into the power of the Reliv system. That’s the only way you’ll duplicate yourself and grow your business,” Marge says.

The Rodgers have dedicated themselves to helping others duplicate what they have achieved. Three stellar examples are frontline Ambassadors Pat and Jane Rodgers, Jack and Karen, and Jerry and Anne Lafayette. They were key to Jim and Marge reaching new heights as Gold Ambassadors.

“We work from home and have no rush hour. We’re in control of our lives and our financial future. We now earn an income in excess of $40,000 per month. We’re proud to tell people about Reliv and watch them get healthier and wealthier.”

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