Hall of Fame: Gayla Renton

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Accidental Distributor” turned hall of famer.

The way Platinum Ambassador Gayla Renton tells it, her route to Reliv started as an accident – one that would ultimately take her all the way to the Reliv Hall of Fame.

“I tried the products and loved them. Everyone around me noticed the results. They would ask, ‘Did you do something different?’ I told them about Reliv, and from there I became a sort of accidental Distributor,” Gayla says.

Gayla has come a long way since her first days with Reliv in 1995, but she still thinks of herself as a Distributor first. The Hall of Fame is just a reward for her hard work.

“I will always be just a Distributor in my mind,” Gayla says. “I don’t put myself up on a pedestal. Anyone can reach the Hall of Fame with hard work and dedication.”

Gayla used the support of Reliv corporate and her upline to grow her business into what it is today. “I didn’t have to do all the talking – I had a whole corporation talking with me and for me,” Gayla explains.

After nine months as a Distributor, Gayla made Reliv her full-time job. “Every morning I wrote down what I would accomplish that day: people I would call or follow up with and my daily goals,” she says.

Even during slow periods, Gayla never gave up. “In the beginning, it sometimes felt like too much work,” she says. “I didn’t always reach my goals, but every single day I got one step closer. It kept me on track.”

Gayla still takes advantage of every opportune moment to tell people about Reliv. “If I hear about someone’s health or financial struggles, I take the time to stop and talk to him about Reliv,” she says.

For Gayla, sharing is easy when you believe in the company’s mission. “Reliv is more than a nutritional supplement,” she says. “It’s a business of like-minded people ready and willing to help you on your personal journey.”

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