Hall of Fame: Doris Smith Leissing and Henry Leissing

LeissingBuilding a legacy. Many in the Reliv family know Doris Smith Leissing’s story and have drawn inspiration from her remarkable achievements. Coming into the organization 15 years ago, hoping to earn a little extra income, finding herself a widowed mother of three with just one opportunity before her — her budding business — Doris and Henry have arrived at the Double Platinum level.

“I didn’t have much self-confidence back then. I was home-schooling my daughter, caring for my aging mother and hadn’t worked as a nurse for 30 years,” says Doris. “But I had a work ethic, a need and an opportunity. Many fine leaders came into my organization — dozens of them are now Ambassadors. I grew and learned; I made mistakes and learned from them.”

In 2001, Doris married Henry Leissing of St. Louis. “We’ve enjoyed blending our lives and supporting each others’ interests,” she says. “At an age when many people would be retired, we continue to pursue our dreams, enjoying the good health and financial freedom Reliv has brought us.”

Henry graduated from Oak Brook College of Law in August 2010, adding to his background in theology and history. Doris is pursuing her own interests in research and writing. “But my deepest passion is to enjoy my family and leave a worthy legacy for my children and grandchildren,” she continues. “My ongoing work in Reliv challenges me to be lifetime student of servant-leadership in our industry. I am so grateful to those who have allowed me to learn and grow with them.

“You want to look back on your life and feel you’ve left a footprint, that your work has mattered in the lives of others,” she concludes. “Reliv has given me — and continues to give me — that opportunity.”

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  1. Doris and Henry are wonderful, down home people. Very intelligent advice given with exuding kindness!

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