Meet Our Ambassadors: Mindy Jones

MindyJonesFulfilling her dream.

Presidential Platinum Ambassador Mindy Jones of Atlanta, Georgia, is watching the vision of Reliv which she’s held in her heart for the past two decades unfold before her, and she couldn’t be more excited.

“Reliv’s volume sales in a single month are almost ten times what they were my entire first year in the business – evidence that Reliv businesses everywhere are exploding,” cites Mindy, a former clothing store owner. “It’s so incredibly awesome that what we’ve been waiting and planning for is here!”
“Before Reliv, I was too busy making a living to make a life. I was working so hard and not able to spend enough time with my daughter,” says Mindy.

Working her business around her daughter has always been this single mom’s biggest priority and is the one accomplishment with Reliv of which she is most proud.

“I’ve been able to build an incredible six-figure income without selling my soul to corporate America and sacrificing precious time with my daughter,” Mindy says. “From pre-school to high school, I’ve been there – helping out in her classroom and on her cheerleading teams and attending all her events.

“I get to decide what I do each day,” she continues. “I’m living the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of, and it’s because of Reliv that I’ve been able to achieve it. I’ve got more friends in Reliv than I’ve had in my whole life. I can’t put a price tag on that,” says Mindy.

Mindy insists that, for those looking for an opportunity to achieve their own life dreams, there’s never been a better time than now to join Reliv.

“People have lost faith in Corporate America,” she says. “They’ve lost their 401K’s, their retirement and, above all, their hope.

“But Reliv is their answer,” Mindy adds. “It’s an unbelievable opportunity!”