The Reliv Lifestyle: Kent and Jeanne Lee

Living their priorities.

When their Reliv story began seven years ago, Kent and Jeanne Lee, of Peoria, Arizona, were looking for total nutrition and soon realized a positive effect on the migraines that Kent had endured for 18 years. Through Reliv, they found nutrition, improved health and something else: a lifestyle that allowed them to dream and help more people than they ever imagined.

Kent and Jeanne know that their success was earned with their own hard effort, the help of others, and products that work.

Jeanne found herself in need of better nutrition as well. At 40, she was pregnant with their sixth baby. Reliv products gave her some much-needed energy and a less stressful pregnancy. The Lees were seasoned parents of five children who had gone through their fair share of illnesses, even hospitalizations. To their delight, baby Gracie, their “Reliv baby,” was the picture of health.

Mom First, Reliv Second
It was when their baby was six months old that Jeanne began to consider the business. They wanted to share the products and be able to keep taking the shakes themselves.

“I was a busy mom,” recalls Jeanne. “I wanted to be Mom first and do Reliv second.” And that’s exactly what she did.

Jeanne stayed at the helm of their home and Reliv business, while Kent continued his work as an attorney. Still, he learned the business right along with Jeanne, attending conferences, Tuesday and Saturday meetings, and 3-way calls when he could. Their monthly income grew over the years, reaching today’s average of $10,000.

Both Jeanne and Kent agree that reaching their goals has taken effort.

“I’ve never had to be so organized!” Jeanne says. “I’ve never worked so hard in my life! Though originally we didn’t want to do that much, we began to see what this really was. This was bigger than us. Through Reliv, we can offer so much more to people.”

Choosing a Lifestyle
It’s the impact they can have on others that also motivates Kent, who plans to come home to work Reliv in the near future.

“As an attorney, I’ve always been able to take care of our needs and most of our wants,” he says. “But the work is very stressful and like many, I’m trading my time for dollars. Reliv is a lifestyle that we choose, not an occupation that we dread. Being able to help people with long-term solutions to their health and financial problems is something positive.”

With the extra income, the Lees have been able to improve their home, take their family on trips and start thinking about building a cabin in the woods — a retreat where their children and grandchildren can gather and be together.

“As this company grows, so do our dreams,” Jeanne says.

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