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Meet Our Ambassadors: Greg and Sharon Johnson

Johnson4Carefree living.

Now retired from the corporate world, Reliv Gold Ambassadors Sharon and Greg Johnson of San Diego, California, are living their own ultimate version of the Reliv Lifestyle. “We’re completely free to do all the things we’ve always wanted to do, but never could before,” says Sharon, adding that Greg — after 36 years of working long hours and traveling extensively with his job — now has time to enjoy their six grandchildren, play golf whenever he wants, and do the volunteer work he’s always felt called to do.

It was twelve years ago that Sharon first pursued Reliv after reading an article about the company in Success Magazine.

“I was looking to earn a little extra money and wanted something meaningful and purposeful that I could do around my family’s schedule,” she recalls. “I had no idea at the time what I had a hold of!”

Attending her first conference, Sharon caught the vision of Reliv and set forth building a Reliv Success System in the Detroit area where they lived at the time. By 1996, the Johnsons were Reliv Ambassadors, prompting Greg to retire from corporate America five years earlier than planned and move with Sharon to San Diego.

“As is the nature of Reliv, our business continued to grow with time,” Sharon recalls. “Two years later, we were Presidential Directors, and here we are today, Gold Ambassadors with Reliv!

“All of us at Reliv are interconnected — we work together to achieve our dreams by focusing not on what we can get, but what we can give to others,” she explains. “This is the perfect environment for people who want to serve. “If it weren’t for Reliv, we’d be living a very different lifestyle today — watching very closely how we spent the income from Greg’s corporate retirement,” she adds. “What we have instead is a totally carefree retirement, an income with Reliv that is not only ongoing but ‘ongrowing’ — it is truly priceless!”

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