Meet Our Ambassadors: Barbara and Gary Lazar

LazarICLiving life on their terms.

At 29 years old, Barbara Lazar was vice president of a computer company in Longwood, Florida, making a good living, but not living a good life.

“I was working 60 to 100 hours a week making someone else rich and I was burned out,” she says. “I quit my job and started doing consulting for a while, but I grew frustrated trading my time for dollars. What I really wanted to do was stay home and work around my family.”

Barbara discovered network marketing and had some success over a 10-year period. However, in 1992, she found herself at a crossroads.

“I had fallen in love with network marketing but I had not found the right company,” she explains. “By this time my daughter was 12 and I didn’t want to surrender my flexibility by working full-time for someone else.”

Barbara was invited to a Reliv opportunity meeting. “I remember leaving the meeting thinking that even if half of what I had heard that night was true, Reliv products must be incredible,” she says.

Barbara became a Master Affiliate and within six weeks had sold all of her initial order. Three months after starting the business, she and her husband Gary attended their first conference. Excited by what they saw, the couple put their daughter on the products right away and witnessed her dramatic results with ADHD.

Time to Get Serious

Barbara began plugging into the Reliv System faithfully, and in her seventh month sponsored two Master Affiliates.

“I learned at my first conference that I would not waste the next one by going alone,” she says. “I brought 12 people to the international conference and my business took off.”

After four years of working Reliv part-time, Barbara was earning $60,000 a year. She got Gary’s attention when he saw one of her checks for $7,800. “He was stunned,” she says. “He knew I’d been working hard but he hadn’t been paying attention to how the business had grown.”

From My Business to Ours

After more than 20 years as a homebuilder, the stress of Gary’s business caused him many sleepless nights. He saw Barbara’s lifestyle and was jealous.

That was in 1999, Barbara recalls. “I told him to retire,” she says. “Because of Reliv, we could afford it — my income was nearly $80,000 annually.”

What happened next was the beginning of a dream for the Lazars. “The first thing we did was to take a two-week vacation,” Barbara recalls. “Because of Gary’s work, we had never been able to get away for more than a few days.”

A few months later, the couple spent three weeks in Europe. Since then, the Lazars have traveled extensively, while their business has continued to grow to more than $100,000 annually.

“Reliv allows us the flexibility to build our business from anywhere — and we do,” Barbara says. “We often sponsor new Distributors in places where we would like to travel!”

Rewards That Never End

The Lazars are having a ball. “The Reliv opportunity is whatever you want it to be,” Barbara explains. “It took me 13 years to reach Reliv’s Inner Circle because I worked at a pace that was comfortable for my family.”

She adds, “It’s thrilling to share with other people that there’s a better way to live — it’s Reliv.”

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