Meet Our Ambassadors: Nola and John Giles

Down under joins the inner circle.

Silver Ambassadors Nola and John Giles from Wheelers Hill, Victoria, are proud to be Australia’s first Inner Circle members. They credit their success to helping their downline achieve their own goals and consistently working the Reliv Success System.

When Nola attended her first Reliv meeting, she and John had recently retired and a new venture was the last thing on their minds. But, “as soon as I saw the potential this business had to offer, I wanted to be involved,” Nola says. “After living on two working incomes, we’d already had to cut back our way of life to fit our retirement income.

“Reliv has changed our lifestyle tremendously,” Nola reports. “Our Reliv income has given us freedom. We can go out to dinner if we like, we can go away when we want to, live in the house we want, and I can drive the car of my choice. I’ve fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams — to sail the Greek Islands in absolute luxury.
“We’ve earned substantial income with Reliv, in addition to many exotic trips and cash bonuses,” Nola continues, “and it’s all come simply by offering others the chance to experience the same opportunity we were given.”

Nola shares that opportunity by using the Reliv System, consistently attending meetings, Master Affiliate Training Schools and conferences. “Attending these, my confidence in the business and products is continually reinforced, and my belief strengthened,” she says. “My wall of belief is now so strong, no one can shake it!”
Though Nola no longer needs to work because of her Reliv income, “I love what I’m doing and revel in the satisfaction I get from helping others realize their dreams,” Nola says. “The thing is, these opportunities are open to all — anyone can do it. All you have to do is talk about Reliv. Give others the same gift you were given — the Reliv opportunity!”

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