Meet Our Ambassadors: Georgina Adelina Rivera Aldana and Alejandro González

Focus on goals and never give up.

While undergoing physical therapy to recover from an accident, Georgina Adelina Rivera Aldana of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, noticed her therapist drinking Reliv shakes. She asked him what they were and how much they cost. After her session that day, Georgina left with Reliv products, a fascinating business story to share with her husband Alejandro González, and a flicker of hope in her heart.

Despite good jobs — Alejandro is an MIS engineer and Georgina is a dentist — the couple lived paycheck to paycheck. Unable to save money, take more than one vacation a year or afford good schools for their children, they became Reliv Distributors in 2000 hoping to improve their financial situation. It worked.

Georgina explains, “The time and effort we put into building our Reliv business over the past three years has enabled us to buy two new cars, take several vacations a year, send our kids to the best schools, furnish our house as we wish, and save money. We are realizing our dream of a better lifestyle and financial independence.”

Systematically Investing
Working Reliv full-time, the couple says they have achieved success by participating in as many Reliv trainings and events as possible, modeling the efforts of their upline and plugging into the Reliv Success System with fervor.

Georgina says, “The hardest lesson for us to learn was that when someone gives you ‘no’ for an answer, you can’t get disappointed and give up. The more ‘no’s’ you hear, the closer you get to ‘yes.’”

Georgina and Alejandro agree that they have also had some wonderful opportunities for personal growth through Reliv. Georgina recalls being invited to speak at the second Reliv Conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, as a Key Director.

“That Conference was one of the first opportunities I’d had to speak in front of an audience that size,” she recalls. “After I spoke, so many people offered me congratulations and thanked me for sharing my story. I also won a trip at that Conference — it was a memorable experience.”

Coming Full Circle
As new Inner Circle members, Georgina and Alejandro say they feel a great sense of pride in their latest achievement.

“In the three years we’ve worked as Distributors, there was never a thought of giving up — our goal was so clear to us,” Alejandro says. “We are anxious to help the Distributors in our Downline reach Ambassador so they can enjoy the benefits firsthand.”

Georgina adds, “What started out as a chance to earn extra income and improve our health has led us to this wonderful new life and the chance to offer this lifestyle to countless others. We now dream of what is yet to come.”

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