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Meet Our Ambassadors: Delmar and Julie Hostetler

Hostetler2Former farmers embrace their new life with Reliv.

Reliv Presidential Gold Ambassadors Delmar and Julie Hostetler of Harper, Kansas, treasure the freedom of doing Reliv on the go.

“Our phone is our office now,” Julie states. “Last November, for instance, we conducted our conference calls on the beaches of Maui — not bad for two poor farmers from Kansas with no formal education!”

Freedom was the last thing on their minds when Julie was introduced to Reliv five years ago.

“We were farming 2,500 acres of cotton along with our son, Rusty,” Delmar recalls. “It was a 24/7 job, and still we were deep in debt and losing $100,000 a year.”

“I was watching Delmar age before my eyes,” Julie says. “He’d lie awake at night, worrying about our bills.”

Still, when Julie first approached Delmar about the Reliv business, he was less than enthusiastic.

“I’d been involved in six network marketing businesses and believed they didn’t work,” Delmar explains. “So I said, ‘Okay, but don’t let Reliv interfere with your tractor driving’!”

Julie, on the other hand, was intent on fulfilling what she saw as a desperate need for Reliv within their community.

“I knew many people who were happy to pay retail for the Reliv products, but they also needed the business,” she says. “The average family here earns just $19,000 a year.”

It was at a Reliv Master Affiliate Training School that Delmar saw the Reliv compensation plan and caught a vision for their future with Reliv.

“From that day forward, we became committed and passionate about Reliv, and focused on building our business,” Delmar notes. “Our first year in Relìv, we earned $38,000.”

The Hostetlers earned $55,000 the following year and $130,000 the next. Their income exceeded $175,000 their fourth year, and their most recent check in 2006 was over $18,000.

“We’ve also earned 22 all-expense paid trips with Reliv, and recently treated our daughter to her dream wedding in Belize,” Julie says. “This truly is our dream come true!”

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