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Meet Our Ambassadors: Ana Lorena Gomez and Sergio Gutiérrez

Living by their ideals.

As new Silver Ambassadors in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Ana Lorena Gomez and Sergio Gutiérrez have built quite a business for themselves. But the truth is the life Reliv has enabled them to build is just as extraordinary.

“Reliv has given us the ability to achieve our goals and live by the ideals we set for ourselves,” Ana Lorena says. “And unlike many business opportunities, as our business has grown, we’ve been able to spend more time together as a family, attending our son’s baseball games and traveling the world.

“Because of building our business from home, our children have witnessed firsthand that hard work is the only way to reach the goals you set for yourself,” she adds.

Ana Lorena was introduced to Reliv after the birth of their second child when she was struggling with extra weight and a lack of energy. As the weight began coming off and her energy spiked, Ana Lorena began recommending the products to family and friends. Ana Lorena has been a nutritionist for 20 years, and was originally skeptical about the products, but she quickly became a believer as her family, friends and patients shared their results.

A Better Life With Relìv
Like many people, Ana Lorena says that before becoming a Reliv Distributor she lived with a great deal of stress and worry.

“I often worked 16-hour days,” she recalls. “I would come home tired and irritable and then feel guilty for not spending more time with my family. I was also very afraid of losing the income I was earning.”

The couple says that Reliv enhanced their lives in more ways than they could ever imagine. “The ability to take incredible vacations, give our children a quality education and a means to enjoy our retirement when the time comes, are tangible benefits of Reliv success,” Sergio says. “But we’re also much healthier and happier. We’re able to spend time together as a family and work with quality people who are now dear friends — it’s a terrific way to live.”

Ana Lorena adds, “I’m grateful to Reliv for this wonderful opportunity and for the incredible support system that is in place to help Distributors succeed. I’m also extremely thankful for Sergio, who’s been my coach and biggest fan.”

You Can Achieve It!
On their way to the top, Ana Lorena and Sergio have learned to be patient and never give up. “As a new Distributor, it’s hard to get people to trust in the product and business,” Ana Lorena says. “But if you believe in yourself and Reliv, enjoy what you do, and follow the Road to Presidential — you will be successful.”
Sergio adds, “The Reliv opportunity has given us improved health, tremendous opportunity for travel and financial security for our future. But most importantly, we’re bringing these gifts to others and that’s a tremendous source of satisfaction.”

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