Meeting Our Ambassadors: Dean and Joy Wilding

Reliv: the perfect combination.

Wilding20071008For Dean Wilding and his wife Joy, Reliv has been the perfect business and the ideal opportunity to help others. Dean, a PhD biochemist, developed an early interest in nutrition and improved his glaucoma by going on a plant-based protein diet. “This started me on my health journey,” Dean says.

“About two and a half years ago, my son John – he’s now a Silver Ambassador – told me about Reliv. And my daughter, Jennifer – a Bronze Ambassador – encouraged me as well, so, I jumped right in and started a wonderful business,” Dean explains. “As we started sharing, we saw what was happening in the lives of many people. We were looking for a supplemental income to offset the declining value of Social Security and Reliv proved to the answer.”
Success came quickly as Dean and Joy jumped from Key Director to Master Director in a single month, and achieved Ambassador the following month.
“There were three significant things I saw in Reliv,” Dean says. “The first is the integrity and values of the top administration. The second is that everyone I deal with has been so generous with their time and their willingness to help – that’s the heart of the Reliv System. You really form friendships with so many people. And the third is the opportunity to develop financial freedom. We’ve earned a check every month since joining Reliv.
“I’m 79, and plan on living at least 25 more years,” Dean continues. “Reliv has given me a sense of financial security and that’s just going to get better for many years to come. Reliv has given us the opportunity to help people in their lives in important ways. We feel good and we feel fulfilled in our desire to help others. Reliv allows us to enjoy a meaningful and useful retirement.”

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