Meet Our Distributors: Annie and Mike Vahos

VahosVahos strengthens Ambassador ranks with commitment.

During her first month in business, Ambassador Annie Vahos earned $1,100 in profit — and opened her eyes to a great new world of opportunity.

When the former social worker from Chicago launched her Reliv business, it was a family affair — six other relatives had already become Reliv Distributors because of the remarkable results they’d experienced from the products.

“I entered the business at the highest profit level — 45 percent — because I didn’t want to be left behind by my family,” Annie chuckles.

“Then, when my first month was so profitable, I realized that anything was possible if I plugged into the system and learned what I was doing.”

By doing just that, Annie was able to leave her job as a social worker in three months. “No more boss. No more meetings. No more commute. I was free and finally felt compensated for my efforts,” she says.

Achieving Ambassador status is the culmination of a goal setting process Annie committed to during her second year in the business. “I decided to do what I’d seen other successful people do,” Annie adds.

“When I finally started establishing goals and writing them down, and helping my distributors do the same, things really started happening throughout my organization.”

Surrounding herself with other serious business builders, first at the Senior Director workshop in February and then the Bahamas cruise in March, really helped solidify Annie’s goals.

“When you witness the loyalty and commitment of the Reliv leadership, you can’t help but reflect that in your own organization. Today, I’m committed to passing on that strength to Senior Directors Diane Helmold, Rich Schiller and other future Ambassadors of Reliv.”

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