Meet Our Ambassadors: Sammy and Dorothy Tan

Changing lives, helping others.

Bronze Ambassador Sammy Tan of Quezon City, Philippines, holds a degree in chemical engineering, but he’s spent the past eight years working as a sales manager. With his wife, Dorothy, staying home to care for the couple’s children, they worried about making ends meet.

Sammy had looked at and dismissed several other direct selling companies before discovering Reliv’s patented nutrition.

“These patents are our seal of security,” Sammy says. “Finally I’ve found our retirement program.”

Now, just one year into the business, Sammy and Dorothy have met their first two big goals — achieving Bronze Ambassador and reaching Presidential Director. As their income continues to grow month after month, they’ve set their sights on uplifting the lives of others.
“I talk to people in my organization — my downlines and their downlines — and help them achieve their goals,” Dorothy says. “Sammy and I have a renewed personal mission — to prevent the slide of the Philippine economy, by helping one family at a time, through a business opportunity that works.”

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