Meet Our Ambassadors: Wendy and Greg Stokes

Stokes20070615Inspired lives.

More than a decade ago, someone cared enough about Wendy and Greg Stokes to toss them a lifeline. The two were on different paths at the time, yet how they found Reliv is what has made them successful.

“Reliv is not about you,” Greg explains. “Reliv is caring enough about others to find out their needs and desires and showing them how Reliv can help them achieve their goals.”
In 1997, Wendy was a newly widowed mother, working full-time as an oncology nurse, ill from breast cancer treatment and broke. “I also suffered from fibromyalgia and had no quality of life,” Wendy recalls. “A friend cared enough to pester me relentlessly until I tried Reliv.”
Six weeks into a three-month commitment to use Reliv consistently, Wendy says she got her life back. “After earning $1,900 in three months as a closet Distributor, I carved out 20 hours a week for nine months before quitting healthcare to work Reliv full-time.”
Greg was intrigued by Reliv when a friend passed up a six-figure income to become a Distributor. A skeptic initially, Greg’s results on Reliv quickly went to his heart and, within three years, he surpassed his income as a small business owner.
A life-altering car collision cost Greg his wife of 21 years and left him with serious brain-stem damage. “My family insisted that I received Reliv in my feeding tube and I woke up after five weeks much better than expected,” Greg recalls.During the months in which Greg struggled with his health and deep loss, he continued to earn a residual income.
Wendy and Greg met through Reliv and, over the past eight years, have worked side-by-side to inspire others. With support from the Reliv Kalogris Foundation, Wendy began traveling to Africa in 1999 to work with widows and orphans.
She says, “Because someone cared enough to share Reliv with us, today we’re helping others hundreds of others build better lives.”

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