Meet Our Ambassadors: Walter and Jerri Stodghill

StodghillHair dresser finds Reliv a cut above.

Walter and Jerri Stodghill, of Young, AZ, came to their first Reliv conference in August 2001 all by themselves. Just one year later, they arrived at conference with 35 Reliv enthusiasts in tow. What happened during that year has given the Stodghills a new lease on life in more ways than one.

Forced to retire in 1992 from a 30-year career as a computer software engineer, Walter was looking for a way to replace the monthly disability insurance payments that the couple had come to rely upon. When their tax accountant told them about Reliv, they started with the business and the products right away, but with limited success in their remote community — population 800.

That first conference turned things around. They learned all about opening a new area to the Reliv opportunity. They came home, sponsored three Master Affiliates and became Key Directors in the same month. And, they were pleased to discover that Walter no longer needed the heart medications he had taken for eight years.

“It just became something we couldn’t stay quiet about,” Jerri says. “Openings to tell the Reliv story seem to come up all the time now.”

In January 2002, they earned over $2,500 in Generation Royalties and became Senior Directors. They became Master Directors in May and were invited to join the Ambassador program in June.

Walter credits the turnaround to simply doing what they had been told – “We started using the Reliv Success System.”

Now, with their disability income replaced, Walter and Jerri remain in awe of the opportunity they have to help people through Reliv. Walter likes to tell the story of a man he met on an airplane whose health was severely compromised with diabetes and obesity. In the course of six months, this man thanked Walter, saying “You may have saved my life!”

Walter notes, “That is the best paycheck we’ve ever had.”

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