Meet Our Ambassadors: Trinity and Paige Vandenacre

Vandenacre55Financial struggles now a thing of the past.

When they hear about families struggling to make ends meet, Reliv Bronze Ambassadors Trinity and Paige Vandenacre, of Townsend, Montana, remember exactly what that feels like. “There was always this terror month to month, not knowing if we were going to make it,” Trinity says. “That’s why we got involved with Reliv. We needed to.”


Paige stayed home with their two young children, while Trinity put in 60 to 80-hour weeks managing the family horse leasing business. Despite Trinity’s grueling schedule, the couple simply couldn’t indulge in some of life’s little luxuries. Eating at restaurants was a rare treat, and family vacations simply were not possible.

But everything changed in 2006, when the couple started to build their Reliv business. During the two years since, the couple has more than doubled their monthly income and they enjoy a family freedom that many only dream about.


“Our lifestyle has changed in so many ways,” Paige says. “This summer, we were able to take our kids to the county fair and rodeo. We were there every night! That’s just not something we would have been able to do before Reliv. We’ve taken family vacations the last two years, and we can eat out whenever we feel like it.”


The Vandenacres qualified as Bronze in July 2008, a direct result of investing their time and efforts with others who also see the possibilities that Reliv offers. “You go where the action is,” Trinity says. “We’ve been able to identify some people who are actually putting us on the phone with others and bringing new people to find out about Reliv.”

Both Trinity and Paige agree that their initial investment in Reliv was the best decision they could have made for their finances and their family. “Now, we’re looking at ways to bring more people along with us and to watch our check grow in the process,” Trinity says.