Meet Our Ambassadors: Tom and Ann Pinnock, Sr.

PinnocksSrStaying young, dreaming big with Reliv.

At 82 and 74, Tom and Ann Pinnock of Altamonte Springs, FL, are actual proof that you are never too old to be successful with Reliv.

Eight years ago, the couple realized they needed to augment their retirement income. Both also wanted to get involved with helping others. Reliv was the answer to both needs.

During the summer of 1992, Tom and Ann began telling their family and friends about the Reliv story. Retailing the products wasn’t difficult and soon their income surpassed their goal. “We realized we could really dream again,” Ann says.

Since then, the couple has qualified as Bronze Ambassadors, an accomplishment in which they both take great pride.

“We consider it a privilege and an honor to represent Reliv International,” Ann says. “Indeed, our dreams have come true.