Meet Our Ambassadors: Tim and Sabrina Walsh

Walsh2Small town, big success.

Bronze Ambassador Sabrina Walsh of Farmer City, IL, had been taking a handful of vitamins a day when she discovered Reliv from her aunt, Silver Ambassador Pat Cebulski. “The Reliv products were so simple,” Sabrina says. “When I first started with Reliv more than six years ago, I never dreamed of doing anything beyond being a Distributor. I just wanted to pay for the products for myself and sell them to others who might want to take them. But the closer I got to the company, the more impressed I was. I got excited about the business potential.”

Although she was juggling a full-time job and four children – including triplet teenage boys -Sabrina soon found herself at a Reliv conference. “I saw that the people doing well in Reliv weren’t doing anything I couldn’t do,” she says. “So I went for it.”

After nine months in the business, Sabrina left her full-time job as a dispatcher for an agricultural distributor to devote more effort to her Reliv business. Less than a year into the business, she doubled her income from her previous job.

“I recognized that momentum was happening in my downline in Ohio and saw their level of commitment and willingness to work,” Sabrina says. “I plugged into their strength and worked closely with them by phone, and through training and impending events. They are a great bunch of people and it has been fun to watch how their lives have changed through Reliv. I love the teaching part of Reliv and helping people grow their businesses. I’m from a very small town of 2,200 people so I’m proof you can do this business anywhere.”

Sabrina says she enjoys the flexibility and opportunities Reliv has given her family. “I always put my family first. Reliv has allowed us to spend wonderful vacations together. I only wish I had found this business earlier.”

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