Meet Our Ambassadors: Steven and Sandra Woodfield

WoodfieldDream catchers.

Steven and Sandra Woodfield of Ivins, Utah, knew from the beginning they would be Reliv Ambassadors someday. It was just a matter of time. Three years after they started their Reliv business in 2002, their Ambassador vision is a reality.

“At our first conference, I knew it would happen — I could see it,” Steven says. “I thought why not me? But it took two years to get geared into the idea of doing it as a serious business.”

He says Sandra’s energy made a huge difference in their business. “She infuses life into the business. She has all our Master Affiliates mapped out so we have information at a glance. The key to success is to be committed, consistent, use the System and don’t get discouraged.”

While Sandra does the business full time, Steven continues the carpet cleaning business he has had since 1978. But he has scaled back his time with it and that business is on the selling block so he can focus on Reliv.

“Our biggest check so far has been about $7,000 with all forms of income,” Sandra says. “We don’t have to stress about finances anymore. We have a more secure future. And we love helping other people though Reliv. You dream about helping people when you’re young, but we never really get to because we lack time or finances. Through Reliv, we can help others help themselves, which is the best way.”

Steven agrees. “Reliv has given us new freedom. Our dreams are to pay off our house, retire younger, travel and offer more volunteer service to our church and community. Sandra was able to buy her first brand new car ever. Reliv fills every dream including health, lifestyle and financial freedom. We’re so grateful to Dr. [Theodore] Kalogris and [Relìv Chairman, President and CEO] Bob Montgomery for their vision, heart and character.”

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