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Meet Our Ambassadors: Sherri Selman

Sherri Selman(3)Full of dreams.

Ambassador Sherri Selman from Alpharetta, GA was a 26-year veteran flight attendant who had overcome severe knee joint issues with the help of Arthaffect®.

“I loved my job because I was able to travel and help people have a safer, more enjoyable flight,” says Sherri. “But when the airline suddenly declared bankruptcy, I lost 40 percent of my income and most of my pension.” For the first time, Sherri and her husband, Mark, began looking at Reliv as a possible business venture.

A New Opportunity

“A major reason I started a Reliv business was that my husband looked at the business plan and saw the residual income potential in the company,” says Sherri. “And I knew it was a chance for me to make a difference for others. It was a perfect combination!”

After four years of working Reliv part-time, Sherri was able to retire early from her flight attendant position and focus on Reliv full-time.

Sherri is proud to represent a company with strong core values. “Reliv and its mission track with my morals and what I feel is important in life. Knowing what I do has made people’s lives better is extremely rewarding.”

Reliv Freedom

With her Reliv business, Sherri has the freedom to spend more time doing activities with her family. And with the improvement in her joints, Sherri enjoys an active lifestyle that includes hiking, biking and scuba diving.

Sherri also continues to live out her passion for traveling. “I’ve been on many Reliv trips to spectacular destinations like Los Cabos, Mexico!”


Sherri adds, “Reliv has become a blessing I could never have imagined and I know I will continue to grow as a person. I’m full of dreams. I feel like life has just started — and I’m so excited about what lies ahead!”

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