Meet Our Ambassadors: Shawn Bergeron

Bergeron, ShawnReliv offers a ‘blessed, unexplainable’ lifestyle.

As a Gold Ambassador, Shawn Bergeron of Atlanta, Georgia, recently witnessed for the third time the “great joy” of a Distributor whom he personally sponsored become an Ambassador.

“There’s no more dramatic change in Reliv than that of someone who crosses over that threshold from Distributor to Ambassador,” Shawn affirms. “It’s not that you have completely achieved what you set out to at that point. I hope you haven’t. But you have now become what every Distributor wants to be — a Reliv Ambassador. And life begins to get a whole lot better from there.”

Shawn joined Reliv in 1990, after attending his first Tuesday night opportunity meeting. “At the time, I was nine years out of college and working as an accountant. I was $20,000 in debt and earning half of what I believed I was worth,” Shawn recalls. “It was at that meeting that I found the opportunity I was looking for but didn’t know existed — a business I could do from home part-time, with no overhead costs or financial risk. I thought, ‘I’ve got to do this.’

“In my first 90 days, I earned $7,000 part time and I decided to make Reliv my full-time career,” Shawn continues.

My income reached $20,000 a month and, for the past 13 consecutive years, I’ve continued to earn well into six figures.

“Because of Reliv, I now live what I call the most blessed and unexplainable lifestyle. Because the two factors that control most people’s life decisions — time and money — don’t have that stranglehold on me, and never will again,” Shawn says. “Pretty amazing, considering this company is
really just getting started.”

What is Shawn’s next goal? “Platinum,” he answers. “That’s a given!”

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