Meet Our Ambassadors: Ryan and Susan Boehme

BOEHMEDreaming again.

When Ryan and Susan Boehme of Gilbert, AZ, started their business five years ago, they had a simple goal of making $300 a month to supplement their retirement savings. They surpassed their goal in the first month and never slowed down. Today they’re new Silver Ambassadors and Inner Circle members.
“The Reliv business opportunity not only saved our health, but also saved us financially,” Susan says. “Ryan had his own cabinet making business but, because the market changed, his business profits began shrinking monthly, while the hours he worked kept increasing. At the same time, our children were hitting driving age and we were facing college expenses for them. Reliv saved our family.”

Not Just ‘Play’

Ryan agrees. “At first I thought this was a ‘play business’ — I never thought it would replace my cabinet business,” he says. “But when we hit Key and Senior Director levels after six months in the business and I saw our Royalty check, I knew this was a vehicle to get out of the cabinet shop. Once we started focusing on the business instead of just the products, we saw our business soar. Today we’re making over $15,000 a month and I know it will continue to grow.”

Two years ago, the Boehmes closed their cabinet shop business. “Before I was just a guy who came home and slept, but now I have time to have a relationship with my five kids,” Ryan says.

“With Reliv, Susan and I could start dreaming again and found new hope,” he continues. “We’re so grateful that we were introduced to this business. We’re also grateful for the company and the integrity it was built on. If Bob and Sandy Montgomery hadn’t had the vision, we wouldn’t have found our dreams.”

Reach Down to Build Up

Ryan says reaching down in their organization makes their business successful. “We learned the best way to succeed was to set aside our own goals and help other people get what they want. Now my sister Valerie Opie and her husband, Doug, have become new Bronze Ambassadors, which helped us reach Silver Ambassador. And Bronze Ambassadors Margie and Harold Klienman and Ron and Jane Moore pushed us there, too. If they hadn’t been able to reach their goals, we couldn’t have reached ours. None of us would have made it without working together.”

He continues: “We’re happy to be able to share Reliv and help others dream again. Reliv can be for anyone, whether they just want to make a little extra money or replace a career. It’s not a get-rich-quick business, but you’re rewarded generously for your efforts.”

Susan says it’s enriching to work with people and have an impact on their lives. “There’s nothing better than seeing life-changing results in people’s health and finances. Saving a family from financial ruin is very fulfilling.”

For the Boehmes, joining the Inner Circle is another step in helping others. “We’re excited to lead and help Reliv grow into the biggest food science company in the world,” Susan says. “Our next goal is Gold Ambassador. With Relìv, it’s all possible.”

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