Meet Our Ambassadors: Ron and Karen Turner

Guided by principle.

For Karen and Ron Turner of Orem, Utah, principles still matter. And guided by their principles, the Turners have worked hard to build a very successful Reliv network, one that catapulted them to Ambassador status this past January.

The Turners’ Reliv business means much more than an additional source of income. Above all, it offers an opportunity to help others. “How can we possibly hold back something that can so bless other people’s lives?” Karen asks. “If you really listen to people, you soon realize just how many of them can benefit from Reliv.”

With five children of their own, the Turners especially strive to help parents stay at home with their kids. “I have a real passion for helping families to keep at least one parent at home,” Karen says. “With the freedom Reliv provides as a business—the ability to work from home and choose your own hours—it is the ideal solution for families seeking to supplement their income while raising their own kids. In January, we were even able to conduct our Reliv business during our family vacation to Disneyland!”

The Turners believe that the principles guiding their business start at the very top of the organization. “When we went to our first conference and heard Reliv President Robert L. Montgomery speak, it really solidified our commitment,” Karen says. “This company is founded on integrity and putting the family first. It is a business with ideals.”

Reliv has provided the Turners with a reliable source of income, a chance to do things they couldn’t imagine doing before, and the ability to do it all on their own terms. According to Karen, “With this product, when you share from your heart and really care about the welfare of those you introduce to Reliv, success naturally follows.”

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