Meet Our Ambassadors: Rhonda and Greg Uebelhor

Determination yields new freedom.

Rhonda and Greg Uebelhor of Ferdinand, Indiana, never thought making Presidential Director was in the cards — at first. “I always believed this was something other people did,” Rhonda says.

Last November, the couple just missed the $4,000 override that would have qualified them for Ambassador. “I was so disappointed I had a good cry,” Rhonda says. “But I was determined and worked even harder. We moved in with friends in Indianapolis and helped them start a Reliv System there. As I shared with my upline my goal of Presidential, we realized it would take all of us working as a team to realize this dream. We achieved it with prayer and the help and support of this team.”

In January, just two months after their big disappointment, Rhonda and Greg qualified as Reliv’s newest Presidential Ambassadors. The achievement was a big one for the Uebelohr family. “The time freedom, the opportunity for Greg and I to home-school our kids — that is priceless,” Rhonda says. “Our eight children have the opportunity to build a relationship with their dad that they wouldn’t have had if Greg was going off to work every day. We live near a state forest where Greg and the kids spend time hiking and bike riding — it’s wonderful!”

Their newfound freedom also allows the Uebelohrs to help out their church in ways they never could before. “That’s very important to us,” Rhonda says.

A Special Birthday Present

Their achievement came with an added bonus — the Uebelohrs celebrated Greg’s birthday in picturesque Whistler as part of the 2008 Reliv Leadership Celebration. “It’s been years since we’ve taken a family vacation,” Rhonda confides. “We hung up a picture of Whistler and we were determined to go.”

Now they’re working to bring their Reliv friends along with them. “There’s a lot of energy here in Indiana, and a great work ethic!” Rhonda says. “We set our goals high and do whatever it takes!”

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