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Meet Our Ambassadors: Rebecca Vaught

Helping other parents.

Rebecca Vaught of Peoria, Arizona was at church looking for a babysitter. At the same time, Sheila McKay was hanging up a flyer and invited Rebecca to a one-on-one meeting. When the day came for their meeting, Rebecca was exhausted and wanted to cancel. “I was working full time and going to school, on top of being a single parent,” she says. “So, to make it easier for me, they came to my home and shared their stories.”

Rebecca had no interest in the business side, but when her son Jacob, a severe asthmatic, experienced noticeable results after just three weeks on the product, she decided to check it out. “For 8 ½ years I was product focused,” she recalls. “I had only one Distributor and lots of customers. But when I saw other parents who needed the income, I started talking about the business. In six months I tripled my income – and now I am helping others become financially secure.

“My first conference experience was incredible,” she continues. “One morning I stepped on the elevator and there was [Reliv Chairman, President and CEO] Bob Montgomery. He couldn’t have been nicer as we talked for just a moment. One year later I came back to conference and he remembered who I was and asked about Jacob and how things were going in Phoenix. I was blown away. That proves how much they truly care.”

Rebecca says success comes when you quit listening to the negative. “It’s easier to believe the negative, and those people will always be there,” she cautions. “But I changed my whole thought process. Instead of listening to the voice in my head replaying the negative comments, I talk positively to myself – and it’s made all the difference. With Reliv I have a full time job but can still maintain a balanced personal life – even with all of my responsibilities as a single mom.”

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