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Meet Our Ambassadors: Polly and Dale Vander Vorst

A gift to share.

Six years ago, Ambassadors Polly and Dale Vander Vorst of Trail City, South Dakota, experienced a major setback. While breaking a horse on their Black Angus cattle ranch, Dale suffered a severe head injury. The accident left him unable to operate the ranch.

To make ends meet, Polly studied hard to earn her GED and worked as a substitute teacher. Her small stipend was barely enough to squeak by. They had to rent out part of their land for additional income. “The financial and emotional stress was very difficult,” Polly says. “I would lie awake at night asking myself, ‘How are we going to do this?’”

In April 2005, the Vander Vorst’s daughter, Bunny, encouraged them to try Reliv. Within weeks, Polly and Dale’s lives began to change. Dale found that he could begin to work the ranch as before, and Polly experienced renewed energy and improved mobility.

They became Master Affiliates in June and started to share Reliv with neighbors and friends. “We had no intention of starting a business,” Polly says. “We just wanted people to feel as good as we did. But before we knew it, the checks started coming. By December, our monthly income had grown to $4,100 and has just gone up from there.”

The Vander Vorsts now have a new opportunity to make their ranch work and build for retirement. “We have a lot of debt to overcome. It won’t happen overnight, but now we have hope,” Polly says. “Our Reliv business enables us to survive setbacks on the ranch that would have been devastating two years ago.

“A lot of people in ranch country are struggling financially,” she continues. “We feel compelled to tell them about Reliv. It is not product to sell, but a gift to share. It is a joy to introduce people to their chance at a better life.”

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