Meet Our Ambassadors: Pat and Ray Cebulski

CebulskiCebulskis reach inner circle by daring to dream.

Pat and Ray Cebulski, Presidential Directors and Reliv Silver Ambassadors from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, believe in the power of dreaming big. “It’s far better to dream too big, and risk the chance of not achieving all of your goals,” Pat says, “than not to dream big enough, and then regret it!”

Before they discovered Reliv, Pat, a former Director of Human Resources for a large packaging company, and Ray, a then-partner in a multi-million-dollar medical equipment business, were just too busy to dream.

“We had good careers that afforded us a nice home and a private college education for our children,” Ray says. “But, like so many people today, we had little time for life outside of work. Our focus was limited to getting through each day.”

That all changed when, five years ago, Pat left corporate America to pursue Reliv full-time. “From the beginning, I made the decision to succeed and grow a business,” Pat recalls. “And the daily sense of urgency and determination needed to build an organization flowed from that decision.”

With Ray’s support, Pat replaced her former salary after just seven months in the business. Within one year of starting with Reliv, Pat and Ray became Presidential Directors and Ambassadors. Six months later, they replaced both of their former incomes, and Ray joined Pat in the business full-time. Throughout the next few years, the couple’s business remained solid, even though they devoted much of that time attending to the serious health problems of Ray’s parents. A year ago, they became determined to recreate the momentum of their first year with Reliv. “Everything we needed was still there – a great compensation plan, great products, and a system for validating them,” Ray says. “We knew what we needed to do: present the opportunity to people consistently every day, and mentor and teach a lot of other people to do the same.” “We began to really focus on helping people, at whatever level they entered the business, to achieve the freedom they needed to pursue the dreams and goals for their own lives,” Pat explains. “We want people to walk away from our presentations and our training saying, ‘I can do this’!”
This approach has created tremendous momentum and growth in the Cebulski’s organization, resulting in the addition of Pat and Roger Phillips to the growing ranks of Ambassadors within their organization -a group that also includes Sabrina and Tim Walsh, and Marc and Lorri Elder.
“These days, we’re dreaming bigger, and so are the people around us,” Pat says. “Nothing makes us prouder and happier than to see others catch the vision, and get what they want out of life with Reliv!”

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