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Meet Our Ambassadors: Oscar and Olivia Rodríguez

If you build it, Reliv will come.

New Bronze Ambassador Oscar Rodriguez first learned of Reliv in 1992 from a man he’d met briefly 18 years before while traveling in the US on business.

At the time Reliv Mexico didn’t exist. “Our sponsors, Dick and Marian Glazebrook of Georgia, would deliver cases of product to Laredo, Texas,” Oscar remembers. “Legally, each person was allowed to bring only a few cans over the border. So, Distributors would bring their families with them to be able to bring over all the product they needed.” The product orders soon grew so large that Oscar’s daughter registered as an importer to accept direct shipment.

“Dick and Marian would drive down to Monterrey to work with us in people’s homes,” Oscar says.

“I don’t think Reliv Mexico would exist if they hadn’t worked so hard with us.”

By the time Reliv Mexico opened in 1993, Oscar and his wife Olivia had a solid downline organization. The couple continued to work Reliv part-time, focusing on spreading the word about Relìv nutrition throughout Mexico.

In December 1994, Mexico slid into an economic depression. “It was terrible, but we still continued to receive a check from Reliv every month,” Oscar says. “For a while, we felt like quitting, but we decided to stand with Reliv rather than lose all of our hard work.”

This year, their fortitude paid off. “When we talked just about nutrition, it was like we were rowing with one oar,” he says. “We kept going in circles. Now, we talk about the business as well as the nutrition. We’re rowing with both oars and we’re growing so well because of it.”

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