Meet Our Ambassadors: Nandy and Amalia Estrella

EstrellaEstrellas rediscover themselves by nourishing the world.

For Nandy and Amalia Estrella of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the journey to Reliv’s Inner Circle has resulted in a life transformation — both as individuals and as a couple.

“By being a part of Reliv’s grand mission to nourish our world, we’ve rediscovered ourselves and become the people we never believed we could be,” Nandy says.

“Sharing the same goals and aspirations with one another has strengthened us as a couple and made us truly one,” Amalia adds.
Fulfilling Their Vision… Together

While the Estrellas share an equal commitment to Reliv today, it was Nandy who started their business solo back in 1996. Eighteen months later, he was earning CAN $3,000 per month — equivalent to the paycheck Amalia was taking home as an insurance broker.

“That’s when Nandy approached me about quitting my job,” Amalia recalls. “But, he told me there was one catch: I had to help him with his business.

“At that time, I was ignorant about nutritional products, believing anything you put in your mouth should come from a doctor,” she continues. “But, despite my initial skepticism, I took the challenge and began what would become an amazing transformation of my body, mind and spirit!”

Seizing the Opportunity

The Estrellas’ business was transformed as well, after the Philippine market opened two years ago .

“Most of our contacts are in the Philippines,” Nandy explains. “So, along with the unified effort of our downlines in Canada, we ran after the business. As a result, our own Reliv business just soared!”

In March of 2001, the Estrellas became Reliv Canada’s premiere Bronze Ambassadors. Two years later, they have joined Reliv’s Inner Circle — where they always knew they would be one day.
“It’s true that whatever you envision yourself to be, that is what you will become,” Nandy says. “When I first became a Reliv Distributor, (Gold Ambassadors) Raul and Aurora Paredes told me that they could see me as a Silver Ambassador, and I never lost sight of that vision.”

An Honorable Degree

What the Estrellas didn’t envision at the time were the personal rewards that would arise from their efforts to nourish the world with Reliv.

“I never finished college,” Amalia says. “Yet Reliv has enriched me in a way that no degree in the world could.

“As I’ve discovered, when your mind unites with your heart, passion steps in and takes over your consciousness,” she adds. “And I continue to grow in both mind and spirit. I never thought that, at age 60, I’d reach this level of personal growth!”

“Amalia has earned her doctorate degree in human relations through Reliv,” Nandy adds. “But, as I always tell people, Dr. Carl and the late Dr. Ted have the degrees. All we need is the product and their spirit!”

A Formula for Success

For anyone looking to join them in the Reliv Inner Circle, the Estrellas offer one main word of advice: listen.

“I always keep my ears open to what the leaders at Reliv have to say,” Nandy says. “And then I do what they tell me to do. That’s my number-one rule for achieving success with Reliv: be teachable.
“Number two is to believe in yourself,” he continues. “Number three is to ‘just do it.’ And, finally, number four: never give up!

“Give until it hurts — that has been our guiding force,” Nandy says. “Because when you focus on what you can give, you’ll always get back so much more. That is the true spirit of nourishing our world!”

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