Meet Our Ambassadors: Marla Schaben

SchabenMarlaA caring relative changed her life.

For Marla Schaben of Wichita, Kansas, achieving the level of Presidential Director signifies that, through her, hundreds have discovered Reliv is the solution for their health, financial and lifestyle problems.

“I’m proud to have helped improve so many lives by sharing the Reliv opportunity and products,” she says. “Presidential Director has long been a goal for me, but more importantly, the journey has changed me and many others through my efforts.”


Marla, who is a single mother of two, recalls when her children were small and she worked all hours earning a master’s degree in physical therapy and launching her medical career. “I wasn’t home much,” she says, “but I knew I had to sacrifice to ensure their future.”

Since working Reliv full time, Marla says she feels that she has reclaimed some of the lost time with her children. She’s also been able to afford to send her children to college and private high school.


Make the Connection
Of all the connections Marla has made over the years, the most important is her emotional connection to Reliv.


“Why you work Reliv is critical,” she explains. “If you are personally connected to Reliv — emotion will create motion. You will succeed because failure won’t be an option.”


Marla tells others that writing down goals, holding yourself accountable for them and resisting the temptation to measure yourself against others will help you advance on the Road to Presidential.


She adds, “Reliv is a journey. Presidential Director didn’t happen for me in the month of July; it happened over the past six years by plugging into the Reliv System, working with my upline and believing in myself.”

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