Meet Our Ambassadors: Mark and Barbara Verbonich

Verbonich20070615Perseverance pays dividends.

For Barbara and Mark Verbonich of Salinas, California, the rise to Ambassador came with the opportunity to commit full-time to Reliv. “I taught part-time for many years,” says Barbara,” and home-schooled our three girls. As they went off to college, we were looking at $54,000 a year in tuition and expenses.”

“I had done other network marketing and was invited to attend an International Conference in 2002,” says Barb. “I was blown away, my heart was captured and Mark and I discussed this opportunity. By my fourth month, I was #5 in the nation! During the first few years, working part-time with Reliv and teaching part-time, it was challenging. We traveled to San Jose for meetings and training, preparing to open a Foundation City locally. My friends and I worked hard to build our business in the Salinas area, and in my fourth year I achieved Senior Director and had a stable income of $2,500 – $3,500 a month. Then my school district asked me to teach full-time and Mark and I were torn.”

“We attended a Leadership Weekend in St. Louis that was very significant to both of us; Mark saw the integrity and commitment of the Company and told me to “go for it.”
January 2007 was my first month full-time and I earned $10,200, and I was determined to continue that success. By honoring what others desired in their businesses, I developed a very active local and out of town organization. Next to my faith and love of my family, I have never been happier! I love bringing nourishment to the body as well as the pocketbook.”

“All credit is to be given to the simplicity of the Reliv system.” Barb says. “Model the right behaviors to others, stay focused and stay positive and you will achieve great success.”

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