Meet Our Ambassadors: Margaret Wickham

Expansion unlimited to for new Ambassador.

“What other business could have given me such a sense of worth in the world?” asks Ambassador Margaret Wickham from Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia.

Her Reliv business has taken her all over Australia as she supports her downline with training and presentations. But for Margaret, the her world widened even further when she visited the Philippines last year.

“The Reliv business crosses all boundaries,” Margaret says. “It’s so simple, people realise they can do it. It’s teachable and truly international. The excitement in the Philippines was fantastic. I went with many names from Filipino Distributors and friends in Australia and those introductions helped expand the contact lists for our group back in Australia. And of course, it doesn’t stop there – they have friends in other countries so the expansion is unlimited.”

Margaret came home from that trip with renewed enthusiasm. She encouraged and worked with her downline in Australia to build International businesses through local sponsoring. In the month following the release of Reliv ReversAge dietary supplement and ReversAge Performance Enhancing Skincare at the South Pacific National Conference, Margaret achieved the level of Ambassador.

“I really believe through Reliv, I’ve been given a great opportunity to make a very big difference to many people throughout the World,” she says. “When I first started taking Reliv nutrition 10 years ago, I got such huge health benefits it changed my life dramatically. I’ve been well for so long, it is easy for me to forget how really unwell I was.

“Not only did I gain back my good health, but along with it, a business which has given me a great deal of personal satisfaction, wonderful friendships, and a sense of security for the future.”