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Meet Our Ambassadors: Margaret Wasson

Securing the future, making dreams come true.

In addition to being a busy mother of four, helping her husband, James, run a dairy and beef cattle business, serving as church organist, and training the church choir, Margaret Wasson‘s repertoire now includes being a Reliv Presidential Director – the first in Europe.

“I could say ‘my cup runneth over’ but with products as good as Reliv, it’s hard to keep quiet so I started my own little part-time business just to help a few friends and family with their health,” says Margaret, of Ballymena, Northern Ireland. “I could never have imagined back in November 1995 how my business would expand and change my life forever. I had been out of the workplace for so long looking after my family that I would have found it very hard to go into the workforce again. With Reliv, I just glided into it and was able to work it from home around my family and church commitments.”
Margaret says the key to success in Reliv is to build relationships with other people and not take the “No’s” personally. “The ones who achieve higher levels have just had to cope with more ‘no’s,'” she says. “We’ve just reached Presidential Director level, but our greatest achievement is the difference we’ve made in people’s lives. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

The Wassons’ “little part-time business” has blossomed into an international business. “Now we have the extra money to go places we previously only dreamt of,” Margaret says. “To be able to fly half way around the world and make truly wonderful friendships with people in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines is the stuff dreams are made of!”
Reliv has given the Wassons financial stability in an unstable time. “Farming has taken a real downturn in the UK with the introduction of diseases such as BSE (mad cow) and foot and mouth,” Margaret says. “Thankfully, the security of a monthly Reliv check eases financial worries considerably. It’s wonderful to be building a business that will always be there for our family.”

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