Meet Our Ambassadors: Les and Joyce Ferguson


Radiating Hope!

Joyce and Les Ferguson of Beaver Creek, Ohio, were single parents when they each became Reliv Distributors in the early ’90s. Two decades later, the Hall of Fame members and Presidential Gold Ambassadors marvel at how Reliv enabled two ordinary people to create something extraordinary in their own lives and affect the lives of so many others.

A Match Made in Heaven
For many successful Reliv Distributors, discovering Reliv brings enhanced health and an improved quality of life. And while the Fergusons can attest to the same, Reliv also brought them each other.

“We met at a Reliv event, got engaged at a San Diego Reliv Conference and married in 1994,” Joyce recalls. “With five young daughters to support — two of his and three of mine — we quickly realized that the income and lifestyle we wanted was right in front of us with Reliv.”

The couple had already experienced the power of Reliv products in their own lives. Joyce received relief from severe PMS and sinus issues, and Les found support for cholesterol and blood pressure issues — important in his former career as an Air Force pilot. “Our health paths were changed forever when we were introduced to the Reliv products,” Les says.

Building a Life

Joyce explains, “We learned early on that Reliv was a terrific company and when we heard [Reliv President, Chairman and CEO] Bob Montgomery say that the only ones who fail in Reliv are those who quit, we took it to heart.”


“With a big family to raise, we needed the efficiency and the balance that the System provides,” Joyce adds. “We made some adjustments to our schedules with our kids to preserve Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings for Reliv. We just asked ourselves what else we could possibly do that would provide so much income potential and so much FUN!”

Since then, Reliv has helped the Fergusons put all five of their daughters through college – debt and loan free, paid for three dream weddings, and allowed for lots of time with their grandchildren! People often don’t understand how Joyce and Les live this retirement lifestyle without being retired. Reliv is full of opportunity and experience and the Fergusons have taken full advantage!

Looking at Tomorrow

“Because of Reliv, today our life is filled with travel, family freedom, personal growth, worldwide friendships and a purpose in life that is tremendously fulfilling,” Joyce says. “We cultivate relationships wherever we go and constantly set new goals as we work to make the world a better place with Reliv.”


Les and Joyce advise others serious about success to use the entire scope of the Reliv System. “It’s not a smorgasbord,” Les explains. “When used consistently, the Relìv System leverages the time you invest and rewards you with a tremendous income!” Joyce adds, “Cling to your upline and talk to new people every day.”

The Fergusons’ vision of the future includes continuing to enjoy the work and play of Reliv. “We want to travel the world with Reliv,” Joyce says. “Now is not the time to rest — it’s the time to pour it on!”


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