Meet Our Ambassadors: Larry Shay

ShayDaughter knows best.

These days, Ambassador Larry Shay, of Spokane, Washington, enjoys working for himself. He’s even been known to conduct business by cell phone while riding his bike or backpacking in the mountains.

“I’m enjoying the freedom to live my life without the stress of the old corporate grind,” Larry says. “What I like about this business is that with little or no investment, you can do it from home with a phone, a tablet and a heart. And the best part is that once you build it, nobody can take it away from you.”

Larry does remember a time, however, when things didn’t look so bright. After 30 years with a large manufacturer in Illinois, he was forced to retire early, taking only a fraction of the pension he was counting on for a comfortable retirement.

Depressed and suffering from severe allergies, Larry decided to give Reliv products a try. His daughter had approached him six months earlier, but at the time, he wasn’t willing to listen.

“I guess everything has its time,” he now admits. “My daughter had the answer to my prayers.”

Larry got good results and attended a Tuesday night meeting. He went Master Affiliate right away. “Everyone I knew needed this product!”

Today, Larry has Distributors all over Illinois, though he now lives in Washington state so he can do what he loves: hiking, biking and skiing. Since moving to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Larry’s business has grown.
“Daddies usually don’t listen to daughters, but I’m glad I did, because people from 223 states and 5 countries are now enjoying Reliv as a result. It’s been amazing to see the growth.

“With Reliv, my income is never going to go down,” Larry continues. “It won’t end. That’s a very secure feeling. What a legacy to leave for my family!”

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