Meet Our Ambassadors: Kurt and Chris Wells

WellskurtChrisFinding a lifestyle of options.

Kurt and Chris started their Reliv business in 1996 with a small goal: to make $500 a month to replace a paper route that kept their two boys in private school. They quickly met that goal, and by the eleventh month, they were making $2,000 a month.

As a pastor, Kurt never expected to make a large income. But he knew he would need a retirement income, which wasn’t provided through the church.

“When our upline first shared the compensation plan with us, I couldn’t ever see us making that much money,” Kurt says. “But with Reliv, the sky’s the limit. Reliv grew into a full-time income giving us many options. Reliv gives us a solid paycheck that provides for debt reduction, a retirement income for the future and at the same time provides the opportunity to travel together and enjoy a quality of life we have not experienced before.”

The Wells went to their first Reliv International Conference shortly after they began their business. An Ambassador there gave Kurt and Chris simple, yet important advice: don’t quit. “Within six months in the business, we decided never to walk away no matter how long it took us to reach our goals,” Kurt says.

In 2004, the Wells made more than $40,000 doing Reliv part time. They became Master Directors in January, and in February became Bronze Ambassadors. “We used to make about $5,000 a year with our paper route,” Kurt says. “By comparison, we made $7,800 in one month in January.”

Kurt says using all the tools of the System is a must. “We spend our 10-15 hours a week mostly introducing people to the Reliv System. We are proof it works,” he adds. “If you use it, it will take you places you never dreamed. Reliv is like a faithful friend. It’s always there no matter what you go through.”

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