Meet Our Ambassadors: Katy Yager

Yager20070417A priceless profession.

Bronze Ambassador Katy Yager of Orlando, Florida, has been a Reliv Distributor since 1992. For the majority of the past 14 years, other income streams enabled her to take a relatively casual approach to her Reliv business. “I started very aggressively,” she says. “After only eight weeks, I could afford to leave my job as a dental hygienist, and after four years, I was making $4,000-$8,000 per month,” she says. “But with additional income coming in, I was content to just stay around that level.”

Recently, however, the additional income ceased. Fortunately for Katy, she had Reliv waiting as a safety net. “I am so relieved that I maintained my Reliv business over the years,” she says. “Now I am back at it full-time again like I was at the beginning. With the Reliv System, it’s very easy to just jump right back in.”

Katy is working harder than ever and introducing Reliv to exciting new markets, such as the Latino community in Orlando. Her goal is to become a Presidential Silver Ambassador by the end of the year.
“Working hard at Reliv is different from working hard at a traditional job,” she admits. “I make my own hours and have the freedom to do whatever I want. It’s that freedom that makes this business so special. You run your own life.”
As much as Reliv has meant to her personally, Katy finds touching the lives of others to be the most rewarding part of the work. “Relìv has given me a purpose in life,” she says. “I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their health, and by bringing them into the business, taught them how to be financially independent. You can’t put a price on that.”