Meet Our Ambassadors: Joy and Blair Schlender

SchlenderHelping others together.

Bronze Ambassadors Joy and Blair Schlender, of Orlando, Florida, always wanted to work together. Joy, a teacher, and Blair, a retired engineer, had tried other network marketing companies, but nothing worked well.
“We just hadn’t found the right company,” says Blair, who experienced great results with osteoarthritis in his feet, thanks to Reliv products.

The Schlenders quickly discovered that Reliv offered a solution for other concerns, as well. “Looking to the future, we knew we wanted to be better able to support causes important to us,” Joy says. “With Reliv, we have a growing income that has created a comfortable retirement that currently matches Blair’s pension and allows us to provide that support.”

After 8 ½ years of building their business and introducing the health and financial opportunities available with Reliv, Blair and Joy have a full appreciation for the unique excellence of the company.

Says Blair, “I’ve never seen any other company that had a System in place like Reliv. This System won’t let you fail as long as you use it. And the products are second to none in the whole industry, state-of-the-art.”

For the Schlenders, the business grew slowly in the beginning because of serious time constraints. In 2004, they had more time to spend with Reliv. That propelled their business to the Master Director level.
“We feel very blessed that someone cared enough to share Reliv,” Joy says. “We have great upline guidance and the encouragement of wonderful Reliv people.”

The two are thankful that they’ve had the chance to help so many people, including a cousin, Kimberly Schaub, of Novi, Michigan. Joy and Blair encouraged her by phone, talking to her three and four times a day as she got amazing health results. Within a year of entering the business, she achieved Ambassador, elevating Joy and Blair to Bronze level.

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