Meet Our Ambassadors: Drs. Jorge and May Sison

Life goes from good to great.

Life was already pretty good for Jorge and May Sison of Manila, the Philippines. Both are busy physicians with a happy family and enough resources to maintain a good quality of life. But, Jorge says, “The additional income from Reliv has allowed us to make big improvements in our house, provided the resources for me to celebrate my birthday in a posh hotel, and given us the opportunity to travel to the United States for the Reliv conference.”

The couple had no idea success would come as fast as it did. They became Distributors in December of 2001 and have already reached the Ambassador level. “I knew we could be successful when I saw my network grow tremendously in a couple of months,” Jorge says. “And then the big checks started coming.”

Though success was quick, it was hard work that got them there. “Reaching this level was achieved by an intense build-up of a network made up of hard-working and well-motivated people,” Jorge explains. “We followed-up consistently, giving them talks monthly, and assisting them to build their own network.”

Jorge offers the same advice to new Distributors that he received when he started out, “Believe strongly in the products, and try them yourself to gain confidence before you offer them to other people.” The Sisons also say that the most important thing Distributors should remember is to duplicate business strategies that are proven successful. If it worked once, it will work again.

Reliv has been gratifying both financially and spiritually, Jorge adds. He and May were awarded top Distributor honors for three consecutive months and the Humanitarian Award two consecutive times. “Reliv is helping us achieve our dream of financial security – especially for the future.”

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