Meet Our Ambassadors: Joann Townsend

IM000769.JPGDreaming again.

Joann Townsend of Beaver Lake, Nebraska, have always dreamed of achieving a successful livelihood without having to sacrifice time with her three kids. Thanks to Reliv, her dreams have come true.

Joann became Reliv Distributors at the end of 1996. In just her ninth month, she finished number one in the nation in sales and received a $5,000 bonus. Things continued moving along swiftly for another year-and-a-half. Then a series of events forced them to step aside from their business to focus on the family. This period lasted approximately five years.

Even without their direct attention, however, her Reliv business continued to grow. “Royalty checks kept coming in—and kept getting bigger!” Joann says. “It just goes to show that once you build a strong base, your network can actually grow on its own.”

Business was so good that Joann earned a Reliv trip to Banff, Canada. “It was there—as I sat in a mineral pool overlooking the most amazing scenery—that I decided I was ready to devote more time to our business,” Joann says. “We just plugged ourselves right back into the Reliv System and things took off even more.”

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